ICON | TreanorHL: Innovative Student Life Solutions

ICON Architecture and TreanorHL Architects have formed a long-term alliance exclusively for northeastern college and universities. This combination of award-winning regional design and international student life expertise  will deliver  the best possible student life facilities to our college and university clients. 

ICON: Education Studio 
Boston-based education and residential design firm with expertise in northeast’s climate, culture, and architecture. ICON builds durable, sustainable, and economical architecture in this distinctive region. Working with more than 30 colleges and universities, the Education Studio has designed libraries/learning commons, contemporary learning spaces, and academic buildings.

TreanorHL: National Student Life Studio 
TreanorHL believes in creating inspired experiences, connecting people and place through responsible design. They are dedicated to creating transformational student environments that focus on student’s personal, social and academic success.  TreanorHL has planned, programmed and designed 190+ student life projects on 90+ college and university campuses, including living learning centers, residence halls, dining halls, student unions, recreation centers, student wellness centers and student success centers.

“[ICON’s] creative planning, careful zoning of activities, and thoughtful furniture selections, helped create flexible and exciting spaces for collaboration and invention. As a portal to the University research community and point of contact for the business community, the iHub design is welcoming and engaging. It puts a forward-looking face on the University.”
Steven F. Tello, Associate Vice Chancellor
University of Massachusetts Lowell

“One of ICON’s strong skills is their ability to bring about consensus among a variety of interested parties while remaining cognizant of tight budgetary constraints. The firm’s passion for and commitment to excellent design within these constraints were always present.”
Deborah Morse, Director, Real Estate Development
Boston Housing Authority

“[TreanorHL] truly understood the impact university housing has on student learning, growth and development and utilized sound student development theoretical concepts to build an outstanding residential learning environment.”
Kevin Konecny, Fmr. CHO  for HBKU
President, International Education
Baocheng Education Group, Dalian, China.

“TreanorHL’s creativity in design and their passion to create buildings to support student success has literally delivered several “wow” moments from our group.”
Deb Boykin, AVP Student Affairs & Director of Residence Life
College of William & Mary

For more information contact:
Ned Collier AIA, LEED AP
Principal, Education Studio
ICON Architecture, Inc.