ICON presents at SCUP

Last month, ICON’s Ned Collier, Mark McKevitz, and Racquel Davey were among the 472 participants to attend the SCUP 2015 North Atlantic Regional Conference. The conference theme, “Plans Within Plans: Campus in Context,” allowed UMass Lowell’s Adam Baacke, Director of Campus Planning and Development, and ICON to give a presentation on the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub + M2D2 Labs.
“This is my first time seeing an entire project from concept to construction,” Davey said. “I was very excited to present because I have really enjoyed working on this project.”
The presentation explored the partnerships between startups, university students and faculty, and corporate sponsors, with emphasis on collaborative environment design. Concurrent Session attendees learned about the innovation business model, information on creating an incubator, and the relationship between the business model and space programming.
“Seeing two people I admire and look up to give a presentation was fantastic,” McKevitz said. “All of the presentations were informative and gave us tools to apply to projects.”
While ICON’s conference attendees learned applicable lessons, they were also given the opportunity to make new connections.
“Although the informative aspect of attending seminars is vital to professional development,” Davey said, “it’s really the networking that makes SCUP special for planners and designers. It’s important to connect with your potential client in the hopes of a sustained relationship for future ventures.”
To view the presentation, please click here. For more information on the project, please click here.

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