ICON sponsors HomeStart’s Seventh Annual Fall Gala

ICON’s commitment to supporting HomeStart continues this Saturday, September 19 at HomeStart’s Fall Gala.
The gala is an annual event which raises money through a dinner and auction while simultaneously celebrating the organization’s success and promoting awareness of homelessness prevention with its sponsors, Boston citizens, and the HomeStart team. The funds raised at the gala aid the organization, which began in 1994 with a pilot grant used to place homeless families in housing. Over the past two decades, the organization has grown to include follow-up services as well as financial management, working to both end and prevent homelessness.


Leading the team of ICON supporters attending the event, President Nancy Ludwig has held a position on the Board of HomeStart since September of 2011.
“HomeStart’s focus – working to keep families in their homes – is unique,” Ludwig said. “The organization’s ability to search out housing choices and place families is amazing.”


ICON will also be represented at the event by designers Bethany Drab and Sally Ostendorf.

“I’m really looking forward to attending this fundraising event that not only raises more money for the cause, but also celebrates the work the organization does on a daily basis,” Ostendorf said.
Drab and Ostendorf acted as ICON’s captains for HomeStart’s annual iCycle fundraising event where the firm represented 16 out of 300 riders and close to 3,000 donors who rose over $200,000.
“It’s such an honor to meet the staff behind the Homestart team and to celebrate their mission to prevent homelessness,” Drab said. “Co-captaining the ICON iCycle team this past winter was only the start to an exciting relationship with this meaningful and resourceful organization.”


Principal Janis Mamayek will also be in attendance at the event.
“The event is always full of very stimulating stories of people that have gone through the process and how HomeStart was instrumental in transforming their lives,” Mamayek said.

For more information please visit homestart.org.

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