Out & About: MPDC Dudley Square Walking Tour

ICON’s Janis Mamayek, Principal/Vice President, and Kendra Halliwell, Associate/Design Team Leader, enjoyed a walking tour through Dudley Square this morning, hosted by Madison Park Development Corporation (MPDC). The tour began at Hibernian Hall (ICON completed the transformative renovation of this cultural arts hub in 2005), with inspirational words about the area’s history by MPDC CEO Jeanne Pinado.


Noteworthy redevelopments in this vibrant community include MPDC’s Greenville Apartments, Orchard Gardens, and the new Tropical Foods Market on Melnea Cass Boulevard. In the residential neighborhood, Pinado noted that the third phase of low-rise townhome upgrades at Madison Park Village will begin this week. ICON is currently working with Madison Park on the Smith House senior high-rise renewal, which includes existing conditions analysis and the occupied renovation of 132 apartments, as well as common area program reconfiguration and upgrades. The group visited the soon-to-be-open Dudley Dough, a pizzeria that will be operated by the nonprofit Haley House. The highlight of the tour was the view from the rooftop deck of the Bolling Building. Even on this foggy morning, views of downtown Boston were inspiring.


For more information on Madison Park Development Corporation, please visit their website.


The “Out & About” series features first-hand accounts of events attended by ICON in our community and beyond. We will post events as they happen.

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